Zero losses – Better business

With Vensafe, retailers don’t have to store it or restock in every checkout – only in the Vensafe solution. This improves inventory operations and increases productivity – staff resources can be used for more productive tasks than restocking. The solution also achieves better inventory management and control through software that keeps retailers updated on current stock levels. Vensafe is a solution for premium price products that eliminates losses and optimizes inventory operations.

Premium price products are stored in the secure Vensafe solution. This protects profits by preventing all losses due to shoplifting or employee theft.

Customers have the option to purchase premium price products at several points in the store. This results in a flexible shopping experience for them.

Reduce cost – Increase profit

Vensafe is all about zero shrinkage & increased sales. With the Vensafe Easy Shopping concept you will eliminate your loss and increase sales on small, valuable products.

How you will benefit:

Zero Shrinkage

  • Customer gets the goods after paying

  • Logbook entry for each operation in machine

  • All events are saved in LOG-File

  • When products are impossible to shoplift, thieves disappear

Inventory Management & Control

  • Easy integration with the POS system

  • System alerts when items need to be refilled

  • Centralized analysis of inventory

  • Central “Out of stock” alarm

  • Inventory can be handled by a supplier

Optimized Checkout Zone

  • Perfect sales presentation of products

  • Large product cards presenting the product

  • Up to 240 products

  • Double placement at the checkout and on the shop floor

Minimal Warehousing

  • Reduced stock

  • Manage stock level via remote control

  • Only the fast-moving items are available in quantity

  • Reduce storage costs

  • No inventory differences