New Possibilities with Click and Collect

The pick station is equipped with full temperature monitoring and alerting, and is certified for temperatures between -25 to +50 degrees.Give your customers the best shopping experience, no matter if they chose to shop in the store or online.

Fast Facts

The first of its kind

This is the first pickup station in Scandinavia with three temperature zones. Groceries are stored in separate lockers for ambient, chilled or frozen.

Fast and reliable collection for customers

The customer enters a PIN code and the doors are unlocked and stay open until the collection is completed.

Solid construction

The solution is built to with­stand tough conditions. All interior metal surfaces are made in high quality stainless steel and all external sur­faces are made in galvanised and coated steel. All units are tested in temperatures between -300and +400 C.

Controlled environment

Groceries are stored in controlled temperatures according official’s regulations. Temperatures can be adjusted to various specifications.

Automatic defrosting

Ensures stable operation and temperature in every zone and prevents condensing and icing in boxes.

Monitoring of alarms and levels

Monitoring and recording of the conditions in all temper­ature zones ensures proper storage of the groceries.

Full control of door position

Monitoring and logging of door locks ensures the security of the groceries. The system will alert store personnel and the StrongPoint support center if assistance is needed.

Protected door hinges and locks

Door hinges and locks are hidden behind protective panels. This protects against breakins and tampering.

Flexible and adaptable

The solution can be customized in many combinations of size and tempera­ture zone. Several color combinations are also available.

Locker Suite

The locker software controls all functions and can be integrated into the ERP and logistics systems.


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