Focus on your business

Cash payments can significantly impact retailers’ profits depending on if the cash is handled or managed. Retailers with an efficient cash management solution enjoy increased revenue, lowered costs, enhanced security and improved customer service.

Our cash management solution, CashGuard, is the first choice of retailers world-wide and in a variety of retail segments. The solution has a proven track record of providing efficient cash management to retailers. CashGuard is well-known for quality, reliability and security. That allows retailers to focus on the business instead of the cash.

How you will benefit:

Lower Costs

Premium can cut costs related to cash by 30% and the time spent on cash by 50%. Retailers enjoy lower CIT costs and lower insurance premiums.

Better Customer Service

In the competitive world of retail, offering great customer service is key to staying ahead of the competition. Checkout is faster with Premium. Customers also get correct change every time.

Better Management Control

The Premium solution automatically counts the cash correctly – every time. The reporting functions give retailers instant overview and let them optimize cash levels in the business.

Peace of Mind

Retailers no longer have to worry about cash-related issues. CashGuard takes care of the cash, so the retailer can take care of the business.

Closed System

Premium replaces the open cash drawer with a sealed and secure system that effectively closes the cash handling process. Human errors, internal theft and shrinkage are a thing of the past.

Increased Security

Premium is tamper proof and the cashier has no access to the money. This significantly lowers the risk for robbery. The staff feels safer and long opening hours are less risky.

New Business Opportunities

As banks leave more cash-related transactions to the retail industry. This means new opportunities for retailers to offer more services, thus expanding their revenue streams. The Premium solution’s cash recycling functions ensure that this is done safely and efficiently.