MT-500L Ring Type 1D Scanner offers a unique and convenient way to support Retail/Warehouse daily operation. Its Hands-free, wearable and finger type design, also help the users with limited restriction and burden-free. With IP42 certified and 1.5 meter drop durability, it is also handful for any diversified environment: both frond-end and back-end operation.

  • Hands-free, wearable, finger type design

  • Ergonomic with touch-activated design

  • IP42 certified and 1.5M Drop durability

  • Lightweight with only 20.5g


Themis TS-500 scanner is a powerful and compact presentation scanner, offering fast recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes/images from paper labels or electronic screens. It’s design is ideal in constrained space environment supported by an adjustable scanner head, but it also allows handheld operation due to it’s ergonomic finishing grip. Image auto-induction function reduces power consumption and subsequent core component abrasion.

Providing multiple interfaces allow easy integration into POS applications. The bar-code scanning is supported by a “green aimer”, bi-color LED indicator and an acustic sound. All this provides a convenient and comfortable scanning experience.

  • Powerful image sensor for advanced scanning performance

  • Auto-detect function for free-hand scanning

  • 2D Barcode reading from displays

  • Supports all typical interfaces


Themis handheld scanner TS-100 (1D) and TS-200 (2D) are designed for everyday use. They are equipped with advanced scanning and motion sensing technology, featuring powerful performance in scanning all popular 1D and 2D barcodes. Combined with a stand, the “Auto Sense” feature (standard) will be automatically activated in the scanner, allowing presentation-modus scanning.

The reading range and resolution covers all typical requirements for retail environment. The ergonomically and rugged designed housing make the handheld scanner ideal for a wide range of business applications to improve productivity and minimizing data entry errors in retail, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

  • Powerful image sensor for advanced scanning performance)

  • Omni-directional scanning (2D)

  • Auto. detect function for presentation-modus scanning

  • Barcode reading from displays (2D)

  • DPM barcode readable (TS-200)